Updates log

SIMIO v1.2

November 21, 2023
SIMIO receives its second major update after public release:
    - Many small changes have been implemented following the comments from the JOSS reviewers. All these updates are internal, and they do not change the way in which SIMIO is executed from the terminal.
    - SIMIO now works in CASA version 6.X! but CASA 5.4.X and 5.6.X are still the recommended versions. 

SIMIO v1.1

August 7, 2022
SIMIO receives its first major update after public release:
- The function add_noise works as a wrapper for CASA sm.setnoise in simple noise mode. In other words, you can now add simple thermal noise to your synthetic SIMIO observations.
    - The function easy_mod_tclean was modified internally, with gain=0.06, scales=[0, 4, 8, 24], and smallscalebias=0.5. This should improve the computation time it takes to create images, and help obtain smoother images with the TWHya template.
    - Tutorials were included to show how to include noise, change source distance, modify single geometric parameters.
    - The full documentation was included in git-hub and readthedocs.
    - Updated descriptions of all the functions.

SIMIO v1.0

March 9, 2022
SIMIO is in its first publicly available version:
- The Fourier Transform routine has been updated to work with the CASA task "ft". The calculation of the visibilities with python galario is still available through the old get_mod_ms function, but get_mod_ms_ft should be preferred.
- The model in ".out" file is now also returned in ".fits" format, with the coordinate information of the template, and the flux scaled to the specified distance.
- Image rotation and inclination options have been added to the visibility calculator that works with CASA ft task.
- Distance can now be set as an independent parameter. The default for target distance is the template distance, but this can be modified when creating a simio_object.
- The flux can be modified to meet any desired value. If you need your final image to have a certain flux (after distance correction), then you can input this flux in the argument rescale_flux of simio_object. The total flux of your source will be multiplied by a scalar to meet your requirement.

March 11, 2022
- Template Elias24 has been added to the ALMA Band 6 section.
- Tutorial to "Create a Template" was added to the webpage, with Elias24 as example.
- Updated webpage with template detailed information.

SIMIO v0.5

November 11, 2021.
SIMIO is in its first working version:
- Only available through private request.
- Templates available are HD163296, LkHa330, MYLup, and TWHya in ALMA Band 6 (230GHz). For ALMA Band7 (345GHz), PDS70 is available.
-  Fourier Transform routine is based in python galario (Tazzari et al. 2017), which is optimized for speed.