Here are some highlights of contributions I've made to other works :D

Highlights of my recent contributions

Jet emission as a tracer for inner disk misalignment

We characterized the jet emission in several lines observed with VLT/MUSE, and compared them to the geometry of the disks as observed with ALMA. The results will be published soon!

I implemented the routines to study the jets emission from the MUSE datacubes, including the recovery of the jet position angle.

Publication: Flores-Rivera et al. (incl. Kurtovic, in review.)
Data: (Coming soon)

Planet formation in the disk of a 2.5Myoung star

Planet-disk interactions leave observable imprints in the distribution of gas and dust of disks.

We studied the disk around LkHa330, where multiple rings and an asymmetry are detected with ALMA and SPHERE. I calibrated and analyzed the ALMA observations and characterized the spirals in scattered light observed with VLT/SPHERE.

Publication: Pinilla et al., 2022 (incl. Kurtovic). ADS
Data: (Coming soon)